About Elwood


Introducing our family

We are a small select kennel on a working property located in the beautiful Yass Valley of New South Wales. Our dogs are much loved family members and are a part of our everyday lives. They love to swim, retrieve and relax in the sun on warm sunny days.

We strive to produce puppies of high quality, soundness and excellent temperament. It is our priority to ensure our puppies are happy, healthy and well adjusted to make beautiful family pets. All our puppies are progeny from lines that have undergone DNA genetic testing. This reduces the likelihood of hereditary conditions developing in your puppy.

What do our customers say?


Ernie is incredible we absolutely love him to bits !!  He is getting really good at responding to his name and the sit command !!  He is one of the smartest at puppy school and the trainer is most impressed with his progress. He is a well known at our local river spot with his funny antics chasing sticks into the water, not so funny when he is chasing the ducks!! He is an adventurous soul and we couldn’t be more happy, so thank you again!

– Peter

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